Tips To Choose The Best Ubud Luxury Villa

Bali is a beautiful tourist destination for any occasion. Apart from the exotic beaches, coral reefs and glorious temples, Bali is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats. If you are planning for a vacation to Bali, the town of Ubud is a must visit. It is located in central Bali and is popular as an arts and crafts hub.

Ubud has a number of museums like Blanco Renaissance Museum, Neka Art Museum and Puri Lukisan Museum. The Ubud Monkey Forest is a sacred nature reserve that houses the temple of death, and approximately 340 crab-eating monkeys. The best way to enjoy the natural beauty of Ubud is to rent one of the various luxury villas.

Luxury villas in Ubud offer the perfect environment and facilities to enjoy your vacation. Equipped with all modern facilities including swimming pool, kitchen, spa and yoga center, they offer you a private space to relax and have a peaceful time. There are a number of luxury villas in Ubud to choose from. Choosing the right one will make your stay worthwhile. Here are a few tips to help you choose the

Budget Travel and Having Fun While Doing It

Traveling can be expensive. Sometimes there is just no other choice but to travel and it may not be something that you want to spend a lot of money on. There are some ways that you can save money while traveling and still have a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

How to save money by flying

If you have to travel remember that holidays are the best days to fly. Thanksgiving is a great day because hardly anyone will be flying that day. The day before and the day after a holiday are the worst days to travel. These are the busiest days of the year to be on a plane. Pack light when you are traveling. Extra baggage could cost you time and money and you can save by packing a little less and you will save a lot more.

Take a train instead of flying

Trains are a great way to travel because they are usually less expensive than a plane. They are also less crowded. When you decide to take a train you will save money that can be used for other things on

Five Must Visit Museums in Ubud Indonesia

Blanco Renaissance Museum

Famous for his fantasy portraits of Beautiful Women, Anotonio Blanco, was captivated by the Island of Bali. Take a stroll throughout the gardens of the Blanco museum and you will witness women wondering the garden in traditional Balinese dress carrying flower and palm leaf offerings.

Inside, a stunning unfinished piece of work still stands in the artists undisturbed studio. A rare glimpse into Balinese life, the museum features a gallery of the works of Antonio Blanco. Witness the studio and gardens and refresh in the museum cafe. Don’t forget to take a memento with you as the gift shop offers handmade artifacts and lithographs available for purchase.

Museum Puri Lukisan

Ubud’s first museum, the Museum Puri Lukisan features treasures of Balinese art. Encompassing works of brahman artists to sanur paintings the works display the varied styles of Balinese art. Exhibitions feature paintings, old master drawings, wood carvings and much more.

If time allows the museum offers workshops that will be an experience you are sure to remember, offering includes traditional arts as painting, wood carving, flute playing, shadow puppets and dance. Be

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5 Hidden gems in Riviera Maya those are too good to be missed

The tourist destination of Riviera Maya doesn’t necessarily require any form of introduction because of the kind of impact and kind of popularity it has. Being considered as one of the most popular places to visit in Mexico, this coastline is one of the most buzzing places on every tourist’s bucket list. From the beautiful coastline to the vivid and wide range of resorts and adventure sports, this place is definitely going to fulfill all your heart’s desire. Book your tickets for the Riviera Maya rental homes and your trip is sorted.

With all that aside, this place is also one of those which tend to have some unexplored gems within that not many people are aware of or are well versed with. If you are here to enjoy the vivid range of spa resorts and expensive and busy nightclubs, it is time to change just that and hit up the places as mentioned in this list.

Quinta Palmera Hotel

Now, don’t get deterred by the fact that the list of hidden gems is starting off with the mention of a hotel because this is one of those places that you just

Family Friendly Travel Tips Surviving and Enjoying a Family Road Trip

With summer quickly approaching, families across the country will begin planning their summer travels. While some will opt for airplanes, trains, and buses, many will pack up the car for the traditional Road Trip. For generations, families have both anticipated and dreaded the endless miles of the American highway. For some people, it is just an obstacle to their goals, while trips are part of the adventure

What turns the road trip from an obstacle to an adventure? That’s a great question! I think the answer is planning and having the mindset that the drive is a positive part of the family’s experience. As my children grow older, I treasure our time in the Secondhand Cars more than ever. I realize the days of packing them with us are growing shorter as they get closer and closer to adulthood. So, we do our best to make the most of those precious miles between us and our final destination.

Before leaving on our trip we take the time to prepare. We make a basic outline of the areas we will be driving through and the types of

Travel and Leisure Magazines to Inspire the Adventurer in You

Browse through the magazine racks of any bookstore and you’ll find the number of travel and leisure magazines offered endless. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip, wanting some top tips to plan a vacation or simply a new activity to keep you busy during time off at home, travel and leisure magazines are the perfect place to start your search. Here’s a round up of some of the best available:

Time Out Magazine
Fast becoming the leading authority on the world’s best cities, from LA to Buenos Aires, Cape Town to Copenhagen, Time Out now has 18 travel and 23 city magazines offering up to date information on the best places to stay, eat and be entertained in the world’s most fabulous cities. Even if you live in one of its featured cities, you can bet Time Out will come up with a new location or activity you never knew existed in your local area. Prepare to be amazed!

A travel and leisure magazine which has been keeping adventurers informed since 1977, Outside is for men and women who lead active lifestyles all year round. With glossy and colorful photography, prepare to

Excursions From Wayanad Is the Way

The natural beauty here is so rich that tourists from world over come to experience the enthralling moments. Certainly, its vast stretches enclose mist-capped mountains, exotic meadows, gushing water springs and fascinating magnificence.

With blue water lakes and exclusive beauty of the mountains, Wayanad is surely a place to explore the natural beauty at its best. Though, the wonderful town of Wayanad is full of majestic sightseeing options; still, the excursions from here lead to an equally authentic world of greenery all around. This quaint hill station is surely a way to deal with stress. The variety of excursions ensures a perfect vacation for the tourists.

  1. Eddakal Caves:

Positioned at a distance of only 10km from Wayanad, these caves are said to be the finest example of pre-historic human existence. The scintillating carvings of the caves happen to showcase the primitive lifestyle lived by humans of yester ages. Indeed, the caves are said to be formed from three big rocks, one resting on the other two developing a hollow space in between. Certainly, exploring these caves will bring the tourists close to the medieval times, which is quite fascinating.

  1. Chembra Peak:


Tourist Attractions Near Las Vegas You Should Not Miss

Las Vegas is known worldwide for its legalized gambling and never-ending partying. However, there is much more to discover about this city. Its natural side and surrounding areas are usually outweighed by the glimmering lights. It has beautiful greenery, ski slopes, unusual hiking grounds and lake activities. Moreover, this is where one of the world’s seven natural wonders can be reached from a mere half hour drive to five hours, depending on mode of transportation.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Nearly four hours northeast of the city is Bryce Canyon, where sightseeing is incomparable with its deep red, tan, golden and white tall rock spires, as well as arches giving a spectacular contrast to the clear blue skies and green forest. Absorb its bewitching rock towers and vistas or go hiking. Try and get a glimpse of a pronghorn antelope, mountain lion or other wildlife varieties. During winter, cross-country skiers also frequent the Bryce Canyon.

Zion National Park

Just a 2-1/2 hour drive from Vegas is one of the world’s most beautiful parks. Zion National Park is rich with remarkable hiking trails, cliffs that stand 3,000 feet tall and colorful sandstone. It boasts of beautiful

Travel Insurance Destination Report

Eastern Europe is a great place to visit. Some good travel insurance tailored to meet your needs is all you really need for peace of mind. International travel insurance which covers all concerns and personal needs is strongly recommended. General note on health: Eastern Europe is a region for which travelers will require a comprehensive vaccination program. Travelers with existing medical conditions are advised to take appropriate precautions.

Turkey- Health and Safety

Turkey is an emerging tourist hot spot, with many modern and ancient attractions.


Urban areas: The Turkish cities are pretty reliable, particularly in the tourist zones. However, in some areas these conditions are patchy.

Rural areas: Remote areas are sometimes very basic in terms of health facilities, despite the Turkish government’s efforts, and it’s advisable to be realistic about health concerns.


Turkey doesn’t have a reputation for theft or targeting tourists. However, some areas of the country are subject to domestic policing and security issues including the Kurdish separatist movement. Get current information about any local issues when traveling.


It’s advisable to have an all round travel insurance policy as basic risk management.

5 Fascinating Wildlife Tourism Spots

Known for having oldest cultures and footprints of various eras, India is also famous for having unique species of animals and birds that attracts so many tourists each year. During your visit in India, you’ll be fascinated by different animal groups if you’re a wildlife lover and love to visit such spots. Among various wildlife attractions, below are some interesting places to visit and make your time remembered exploring Indian wildlife.

Periyar National Park:

Enriched with natural beauty, Periyar National Park is a must visit place when you’re in Kerala. It attracts a huge number of wildlife lovers with its diverse range of animal species and mesmerizing landscapes and forests. Established back in 1982, Periyar is beautifully maintained by Kerala Forest Department for many decades now. This is the place you would want to visit either with your friends or whole family chasing lions, lagoons, deers or various other animals in your gypsy.

Ranthambore National Park:

Spread on around 392 kilometers, Ranthambore National Park is another most beautiful place to visit if you love wildlife and forests. Preserving the most precious animal ‘Tiger’, Ranthambore Park is one of the most visited places among various