5 Hidden gems in Riviera Maya those are too good to be missed

The tourist destination of Riviera Maya doesn’t necessarily require any form of introduction because of the kind of impact and kind of popularity it has. Being considered as one of the most popular places to visit in Mexico, this coastline is one of the most buzzing places on every tourist’s bucket list. From the beautiful coastline to the vivid and wide range of resorts and adventure sports, this place is definitely going to fulfill all your heart’s desire. Book your tickets for the Riviera Maya rental homes and your trip is sorted.

With all that aside, this place is also one of those which tend to have some unexplored gems within that not many people are aware of or are well versed with. If you are here to enjoy the vivid range of spa resorts and expensive and busy nightclubs, it is time to change just that and hit up the places as mentioned in this list.

Quinta Palmera Hotel

Now, don’t get deterred by the fact that the list of hidden gems is starting off with the mention of a hotel because this is one of those places that you just can’t miss out on. That being said, while you can definitely book some over the top resorts and hotels for your stay which have an all-inclusive service list with pools, grounds and even unlimited room service, the Quinta Palmera Hotel is something out of the box.

The hotel is quaint and is situated in Playa del Carmen which is a place completely off-strip and perfect for people who want to catch a break and just enjoy the weather and the peace. The hotel has a total of 6 rooms and is perfect for couples for enjoying a quick romantic getaway.

Ek Balam

The Mayan civilization is one of those intricate pieces that leaves every person intrigued and curious and while the majority of the people tend to connect the popular and well known Chichen Itza with the Mayan civilizations, people are avid followers of the same know not to miss out on visiting the ruins of Ek Balam which hold similar kind of significance.

The place is of a lot of historical importance and dates back to 1200 BC, which is predominantly how people tend to appreciate the ruins and history associated with it. Known for being home to one of the most iconic temples, “Monster Mouth”, which was often regarded as the gateway to the underworld. Because of the lack of knowledge concerning the area, the place doesn’t attract much tourism year, which is perfect if you want to have an amazing experience to add to your travelogue.

Don Mezcal

Bars, nightclubs and beautiful resorts make up for the majority of the Riviera Maya but the Don Mezcal is one of those bars that stand out from the rest. It is located on the 10th Street and is famous for its wide range of mezcal-based drinks. But, don’t fret, if these are not something that you prefer to have or incline towards, they also have normal drinks like beers, shots and even cocktails.

Yet another thing about this place that gives it that alternative vibe is the fact that it has a very cozy setting with an accommodation of just 20 people which is definitely not something you would expect in a bar in the place around. It is a place that you can sit down with people and just have a conversation with, without having any form of distractions.

Nopalito Lagoon

This is one of those places that is hardly known by anyone who doesn’t stay in that area or is not well versed with the place. Located in Pino Suarez, just outside the south of Tulum, this is the perfect escape that one can have from their realities. There’s nothing commercial about this place.

Unlike the majority of the Riviera Maya, which is covered with resorts and bars and such, this one is definitely something that gives you times to catch up with yourself. It’s just you and the clear water around. You can swim around and just have a casual and laidback day. The only downside is the fact that only rental cars and the private driver can get you to this place, so the trip can dig a bit of a hole in your pocket.

Cenote Dos Ojos

Riviera Maya is known for its natural sinkholes and while the popularity of the same has made it lose its sheen and importance, there is a few which are still unexplored, the Cenote Dos Ojos is definitely one of those. It takes you a bit of a short trip through the jungle to get you to the cenote but the experience is unparalleled.

Because of the intimate and quaintness of the place, not more than 4 people are allowed to take a dive at a, which makes sure that you are not diving and swimming around in a crowded place but can easily enjoy the quietness and tranquility of the place.

Riviera Maya is one of those overcommercialized places that has its fair share of hidden gems too. If you have been planning your trip to Mexico and plan on visiting this side of the coastline, visit the above mentioned places to get the authentic taste of the place and to enjoy the time with peace and without excessive human interaction which can be pretty offsetting.