How can you enjoy Dubai desert safari even for a short time


If you’d just like a mini tour of the Dubai for traveling, you may still always book for a Dubai desert safari. That is most in all likelihood to be the first element accommodations could expect you to look for, so ask your concierge, and they’ll absolutely placed you in contact with an associate organization. It’s safe and a laugh for the whole circle of relatives, entire with safari rides, sand boarding, henna painting, tasty food, and evening track amusement. It’s an excellent way to enjoy the Dubai outside if you’re touring on a short experience!

Morning activities in Dubai desert safari:

If you are planning your trip to Dubai or as usual to Dubai desert safari and you don’t have enough time to spend all the day there then you will definitely get pleasure by experiencing such an amazing adventures in the morning time and it will surely be a long lasting memory for you which you will remember throughout your life. Morning activities includes sand dune bashing, sand boarding, ice skating etc. it would be one of a very exciting and amazing trip you Have ever experienced in your life.

We have various morning Dubai desert safari adventures whether or not you are interested in a conventional experience in which you get to satisfy neighborhood Bedouin and learn about their traditions and cultural background, or a greater state-of-the-art undertaking in a different putting, we’ve got the Dubai desert Safari for you.

Dune bashing:

Recognize the specific and lovely Dubai desert safari flora and fauna, earlier than you cross for a forty five-minute, adventurous dune bash throughout the mysterious dunes of Dubai in a powerful car. Take in the extraordinary expanse of golden sands that stretch out in every course for the duration of your thrilling 4X4 force. With lots of exhilarating turns and scream-inducing twists, you will also be able to click beautiful pictures of such a wonderful Dubai desert safari.

Quad biking:

Beside sand dune bashing, quad biking is an additional activity by which you will be able to get fun IN Dubai desert safari. Quad biking is a great experience you will be able to enjoy with our professional and most experienced drivers. Propel before fifteen are not allowed to get amaze from it as it is not safe for them. It will be the most dashing adventure that you will experience in your life.

Other activities:

That’s now not all; you’ll also be capable of enjoy the actual Arabian culture and traditions with a visit to our Bedouin-inspired campsite. You will also get pleasure by camel riding which are the most famous adventures in the Dubai desert safari. So must visit Dubai and its desert safari to enjoy such amazing adventures.

Whether or not you’re a nature lover or an adventurist looking to take pleasure in an exciting range of tract activities, then an afternoon time visit to the Dubai desert safari will never allow your expectations down.

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No-Fuss PUBG Secrets Clarified

Unfortunately, discovering the appropriate PUBG cellular hack apk that will be not solely untraceable and very straightforward in use, but it’ll even be compatible with completely different working techniques and their different versions are extraordinarily difficult. That is why we decided to spend our time on a complete-in package, specifically PUBG cellular hack ios as well as PUBG cellular hack android. Due to our efforts, it’s lastly possible to play this game and enjoy extraordinary gameplay with all of the easements and all the enjoyable you’d need.

PUBG, particularly if you’re first starting out, could be probably the most intense, overwhelming and infuriating games you have ever played. But given some time and practice, it may be one of PUBG hacks the exciting and rewarding video games in latest reminiscence. Getting started, however, is very tough if you do not know a number of basics. Listed here are 9 tips to get you began.

Earlier on we talked about safety and the truth that you might get banned. It is extremely vital for you to know that for those who use our PUBG cellular wallhack for up to several hours a day, there shall be no actual menace for you! The problem happens when after 12 hours of gaming, you resolve to go back and use more of an aimbot. This is a multiplayer recreation, where we’re combating in opposition to real folks. It’s fairly apparent that after such very long-time folks might discover it reasonably apparent that you are utilizing some facilitating tools. Nonetheless, from the point of view ban bots and administrators, the usage of PUBG mobile aimbot or another function is completely nameless!

That, to me, is a large enhancement to me.

Wall hacks principally allow cheaters to see different players via walls or add further UI components to reveal a player’s location. The most typical variations show an outline of gamers, or their skeleton, to the hacker if they are in close proximity. Which means that hackers don’t see the location of players on the other facet of the map but can use the knowledge to their benefit to get a drop on unsuspecting gamers who assume they are hidden. If a hacker is smart, they can use a wall hack and still stay undetected, because it’s difficult to prove that they didn’t hear you or have some other legit data that lead to your loss of life.

Gamers promoting PUBG cheats and hacks have popped up in the recreation itself in recent months, demonstrating their merchandise. PUBG cell hacks android introduce you with using a wall hack permits a participant to examine enemies, gadgets, supply drops, automobiles, and completely different important sport issues through partitions, allowing them to loot a variety of simple, notice or keep away from gamers and typically survive hundreds longer, thus incomes numerous XP, rewards, Bp and loot crates. thirteen. PUBG has now released an Anti-Cheat and Reporting function which lets you report gamers in real-time who is suspected of using cheat-codes or PUBG hacks in the sport.

Not everybody realizes however there are various other ways of using PUBG mobile hack offered on this article. As you realize, the game itself might be facilitated on many alternative levels. For instance, you possibly can enhance your account with additional cash and, therefore, enjoy all of the skins, all the upgradeable, and all of the premium items unlocked. On the one hand, it is very fascinating, engaging and fairly not invasive means of serving to out. Nevertheless, however, there are such features as PUBG cell wallhack and of course the second one, equally well-liked and likable by lots of you, which is PUBG cell aimbot.

Do not get your self-confused with the goal hack.

However, it’s still actually difficult to master the sport play of the sport without PUBG cellular cheats doing all of the be just right for you. After all, PUBG Corp has demonstrated their commitment to limiting cheating as much as potential, as continued points like this are the number one purpose for player frustration and, in some circumstances, gamers leaving PUBG altogether. The frenzy over the game, as always, has given rise to an enormous demand for the free PUBG hacks and cheats for the sport but free PUBG Hacks are very rare and almost unattainable to search out.

PUBG weapon injury stats become increasingly obligatory as you start to suppose extra competitively about the best way you play the sport. In response, Muslim players took to social media, penning posts tagged with #boycottPUBG Many gamers deleted the game, and a few even signed petitions on requesting Tencent situation an apology. Considered one of many campaigns managed to get better than 900 signatures.

Some intention hacks will even add an auto fireplace, so if the hack detects that it has an unobstructed shot at an opponent it should routinely fire. This is basically an auto-win hack, in case you even so much go closes to someone running this hack you’ll doubtless die. Fortunately, this shall be incredibly obvious in your loss of life replay more often than not, so you may hit that report button and ship the cheater packing.


As per the report, the boy purchased hooked on the cellular recreation, owing to which he misplaced a monitor of his exams and failed his exams. Drop location is essential If you’re caught in the blue zone then you will lose your life in the sport.

PUBG velocity Hacks. Within the recreation, all the time try to be tactical and ensure you are onerous to identify within the gameplay. As you can guess, we are going to shortly present you a few of these differences, so you can share with others your opinion.

5 Hidden gems in Riviera Maya those are too good to be missed

The tourist destination of Riviera Maya doesn’t necessarily require any form of introduction because of the kind of impact and kind of popularity it has. Being considered as one of the most popular places to visit in Mexico, this coastline is one of the most buzzing places on every tourist’s bucket list. From the beautiful coastline to the vivid and wide range of resorts and adventure sports, this place is definitely going to fulfill all your heart’s desire. Book your tickets for the Riviera Maya rental homes and your trip is sorted.

With all that aside, this place is also one of those which tend to have some unexplored gems within that not many people are aware of or are well versed with. If you are here to enjoy the vivid range of spa resorts and expensive and busy nightclubs, it is time to change just that and hit up the places as mentioned in this list.

Quinta Palmera Hotel

Now, don’t get deterred by the fact that the list of hidden gems is starting off with the mention of a hotel because this is one of those places that you just can’t miss out on. That being said, while you can definitely book some over the top resorts and hotels for your stay which have an all-inclusive service list with pools, grounds and even unlimited room service, the Quinta Palmera Hotel is something out of the box.

The hotel is quaint and is situated in Playa del Carmen which is a place completely off-strip and perfect for people who want to catch a break and just enjoy the weather and the peace. The hotel has a total of 6 rooms and is perfect for couples for enjoying a quick romantic getaway.

Ek Balam

The Mayan civilization is one of those intricate pieces that leaves every person intrigued and curious and while the majority of the people tend to connect the popular and well known Chichen Itza with the Mayan civilizations, people are avid followers of the same know not to miss out on visiting the ruins of Ek Balam which hold similar kind of significance.

The place is of a lot of historical importance and dates back to 1200 BC, which is predominantly how people tend to appreciate the ruins and history associated with it. Known for being home to one of the most iconic temples, “Monster Mouth”, which was often regarded as the gateway to the underworld. Because of the lack of knowledge concerning the area, the place doesn’t attract much tourism year, which is perfect if you want to have an amazing experience to add to your travelogue.

Don Mezcal

Bars, nightclubs and beautiful resorts make up for the majority of the Riviera Maya but the Don Mezcal is one of those bars that stand out from the rest. It is located on the 10th Street and is famous for its wide range of mezcal-based drinks. But, don’t fret, if these are not something that you prefer to have or incline towards, they also have normal drinks like beers, shots and even cocktails.

Yet another thing about this place that gives it that alternative vibe is the fact that it has a very cozy setting with an accommodation of just 20 people which is definitely not something you would expect in a bar in the place around. It is a place that you can sit down with people and just have a conversation with, without having any form of distractions.

Nopalito Lagoon

This is one of those places that is hardly known by anyone who doesn’t stay in that area or is not well versed with the place. Located in Pino Suarez, just outside the south of Tulum, this is the perfect escape that one can have from their realities. There’s nothing commercial about this place.

Unlike the majority of the Riviera Maya, which is covered with resorts and bars and such, this one is definitely something that gives you times to catch up with yourself. It’s just you and the clear water around. You can swim around and just have a casual and laidback day. The only downside is the fact that only rental cars and the private driver can get you to this place, so the trip can dig a bit of a hole in your pocket.

Cenote Dos Ojos

Riviera Maya is known for its natural sinkholes and while the popularity of the same has made it lose its sheen and importance, there is a few which are still unexplored, the Cenote Dos Ojos is definitely one of those. It takes you a bit of a short trip through the jungle to get you to the cenote but the experience is unparalleled.

Because of the intimate and quaintness of the place, not more than 4 people are allowed to take a dive at a, which makes sure that you are not diving and swimming around in a crowded place but can easily enjoy the quietness and tranquility of the place.

Riviera Maya is one of those overcommercialized places that has its fair share of hidden gems too. If you have been planning your trip to Mexico and plan on visiting this side of the coastline, visit the above mentioned places to get the authentic taste of the place and to enjoy the time with peace and without excessive human interaction which can be pretty offsetting.

Tips To Choose The Best Ubud Luxury Villa

Bali is a beautiful tourist destination for any occasion. Apart from the exotic beaches, coral reefs and glorious temples, Bali is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats. If you are planning for a vacation to Bali, the town of Ubud is a must visit. It is located in central Bali and is popular as an arts and crafts hub.

Ubud has a number of museums like Blanco Renaissance Museum, Neka Art Museum and Puri Lukisan Museum. The Ubud Monkey Forest is a sacred nature reserve that houses the temple of death, and approximately 340 crab-eating monkeys. The best way to enjoy the natural beauty of Ubud is to rent one of the various luxury villas.

Luxury villas in Ubud offer the perfect environment and facilities to enjoy your vacation. Equipped with all modern facilities including swimming pool, kitchen, spa and yoga center, they offer you a private space to relax and have a peaceful time. There are a number of luxury villas in Ubud to choose from. Choosing the right one will make your stay worthwhile. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best luxury villa in the town of Ubud:

Identify your Needs– You should first decide the purpose of your visit and then look for one which will best match your needs. Your choice of villa will depend on whether you are looking for a romantic secluded holiday accommodation or you want to have a lot of adventure while enjoying the luxury of these villas. Start your search once you are sure about what you are looking for.

Fix a Budget– Luxury villas located either close to the beach or in the center of the town will usually be more expensive. Popularity, size, peak holiday season and facilities provided are other factors which determine the price of these villas. You can set a budget and look for villas that offer good amenities in that price.

Pick a Location– If you are looking for a peaceful abode, you can look for villas at some distance from the city. They are best to enjoy the peaceful and authentic side of Bali. However, if you want to be at a convenient distance from restaurants and malls, look for something in the middle city. You can pick the location depending on the main purpose of your holiday.

Research– Shortlist a few luxury villas and do proper research about them. Check their websites to know how old they are, the type of services they offer, process of booking, payment options and other relevant information. Read feedback given by people who have stayed there earlier. You can also check their ratings and reviews on various travel forums and websites.

Family Friendly Travel Tips Surviving and Enjoying a Family Road Trip

With summer quickly approaching, families across the country will begin planning their summer travels. While some will opt for airplanes, trains, and buses, many will pack up the car for the traditional Road Trip. For generations, families have both anticipated and dreaded the endless miles of the American highway. For some people, it is just an obstacle to their goals, while trips are part of the adventure

What turns the road trip from an obstacle to an adventure? That’s a great question! I think the answer is planning and having the mindset that the drive is a positive part of the family’s experience. As my children grow older, I treasure our time in the Secondhand Cars more than ever. I realize the days of packing them with us are growing shorter as they get closer and closer to adulthood. So, we do our best to make the most of those precious miles between us and our final destination.

Before leaving on our trip we take the time to prepare. We make a basic outline of the areas we will be driving through and the types of activities which are available along the way. We encourage the whole family to be involved in researching the information. Everyone seems to have a more positive mindset about something they have helped plan!

Figure out how much time your child (and yourself!) can realistically handle in the car then stick to that each day. Too much time in the car can make the whole family grouchy, even if you have had fun along the way (too much of a good thing…). Most children can handle about 6 – 8 hours max. We don’t plan hotels along the way because we do not want to be tied to making a certain destination each night. We can stop wherever we need to, based upon the mood of the family.

Though you may plan out the basics of your journey, allow for flexibility. Watch the roadside signs and you may find a ‘must-see’ tourist attraction! Some of our favorite trips have included stops at attractions that weren’t in the travel and tourism books.

Pack a variety of activities for the drive. If your car is equipped with a DVD player, take along some movies (check out your local library and you will find some interesting educational movies). Try to limit the DVD usage to a few hours each day, otherwise, the children will soon tire of watching movies and they also miss out on some of the traditional adventures of the road trip. Older kids might enjoy learning a new skill along the way. There are some great resources available to teach things like sign language, foreign languages, or a craft. They will be proud to show off their new skill after the trip.

We pack a variety of snacks (some healthy and some not so) in a lunchbox for each child. We find parks or rest areas with picnic areas to stop every few hours. The kids can munch out of their lunchbox then have some time to run around. If you have space, pack along some sports equipment and the kids can get lots of energy out by playing ball or jumping rope. We find this allows us to save the money and time associated with a stop at a restaurant, plus eating light snacks seems to be easier on little tummies.

The best thing we have found to pass the time on our long drives is talking, singing and laughing! It’s a great time to share family stories from the past. It seems like so many of our favorite stories are from previous road trips. We share stories from before the kids were born, from our own childhoods, or stories that have been passed down in our families for generations. We switch to a radio station with music we might not usually listen to (like the oldies!) and sing along. My kids bring along some of their favorite joke books and keep us all laughing with a variety of really awful jokes.

Most importantly, we build memories to share on our next road trip. Memories they will hopefully someday share with their own children as they pass mile by mile on their way to the Grand Canyon or Disney World. Through our years of traveling our family has come to one major realization which has become a life lesson for us all. Our trips are as much about the journey as about the destination.

Budget Travel and Having Fun While Doing It

Traveling can be expensive. Sometimes there is just no other choice but to travel and it may not be something that you want to spend a lot of money on. There are some ways that you can save money while traveling and still have a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

How to save money by flying

If you have to travel remember that holidays are the best days to fly. Thanksgiving is a great day because hardly anyone will be flying that day. The day before and the day after a holiday are the worst days to travel. These are the busiest days of the year to be on a plane. Pack light when you are traveling. Extra baggage could cost you time and money and you can save by packing a little less and you will save a lot more.

Take a train instead of flying

Trains are a great way to travel because they are usually less expensive than a plane. They are also less crowded. When you decide to take a train you will save money that can be used for other things on your vacation.

Traveling with your children can sometimes be a little stressful and maybe even a downright nightmare. However, this does not have to be the case. There are ways for you to keep your children occupied while you are on the road or in the air. You can keep them happy and at the same time keep your sanity.

Bring along some snacks

The one thing you can always depend on is your child getting hungry. They are always asking for a snack or something to nibble on at the worst possible times. These times are when you are busy or when you have nothing for them to snack on. One good way to prepare for this situation is to bring along a variety of their favorite things. Another good idea is to have some drink boxes on hand for them also. You know if they are hungry then the next thing they are going to say is they are thirsty. Think ahead and get a list of the things they like and pack them along with you.

When you are traveling either alone or with your family, bring your own snacks. This will save you time and money when you get hungry. Sometimes with the hustle of traveling we forget to get ourselves something to eat. This may cause an all of sudden sick feeling for you. By having some snacks on hand you will save yourself the trouble of feeling sick. This will also save you money. Snacks on coach flights and sections are not free and can be expensive in some cases.

Driving in a car

When you are driving to your destination, there are some things that you can do to save yourself money. Remember to not drive too fast. Driving fast can cause your car to use more fuel. It may also get you a speeding ticket, which will cost you a lot of extra money in the end. It is better to stay at a steady and safe speed while you are driving. Also bring your own food. Make up some sandwiches and bring along some sodas and water. This will save you money and time by not having to stop for food.

Another good piece of advice when traveling by car is to take turns driving with someone. Make sure that you have another safe driver for times when you need a break. You can sleep while someone else drives for a while and then switch back and forth when a rest is needed. This will save you the expense of paying for a room and get you to your destination sooner.

If you are traveling with children on a plane, remember to arrive at the airport early. Make sure that you allow yourself plenty of time to get you and your children checked in and not to mention leave yourself some time for bathroom breaks. You know how kids can sometimes slow you down and you want to make sure that you have enough time for the unexpected things that can come up at any given time.

Traveling with your children can be memorable experience in your life and with a little planning and thought; you can make that memory a great one.

Travel and Leisure Magazines to Inspire the Adventurer in You

Browse through the magazine racks of any bookstore and you’ll find the number of travel and leisure magazines offered endless. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip, wanting some top tips to plan a vacation or simply a new activity to keep you busy during time off at home, travel and leisure magazines are the perfect place to start your search. Here’s a round up of some of the best available:

Time Out Magazine
Fast becoming the leading authority on the world’s best cities, from LA to Buenos Aires, Cape Town to Copenhagen, Time Out now has 18 travel and 23 city magazines offering up to date information on the best places to stay, eat and be entertained in the world’s most fabulous cities. Even if you live in one of its featured cities, you can bet Time Out will come up with a new location or activity you never knew existed in your local area. Prepare to be amazed!

A travel and leisure magazine which has been keeping adventurers informed since 1977, Outside is for men and women who lead active lifestyles all year round. With glossy and colorful photography, prepare to be inspired to take to the outdoors and try something new, from rock-climbing to snowboarding, sailing to mountaineering.

National Geographic Adventure
The latest magazine in the National Geographic collection, this one is aimed at active men and women who seek new and exciting ways to explore and experience the globe. The photographs will inspire you to travel to destinations you would never have thought of visiting, alongside an excellent mix of features and articles, covering adventure stories, travel destinations, sports and outdoor activities.

Trailer Life
The writers of this travel and lifestyle magazine guarantee to provide you with information to “follow the road to adventure.” Aimed at owners of RVs, campers and motor homes who spend a few weeks a year or their whole life on the road, this glossy magazine is packed with information on national parks, camp sites, product tests, cooking tips and vehicle maintenance. Definitely one for RV owners who love life on the open road and are ingrained with a spirit of adventure.

For those of us who get our stress relief from relaxation rather than adrenaline packed adventures, Spa Magazine offers the secrets to the latest advances in beauty, healthy living and relaxation as well as a peek behind the doors of the most luxury and private retreats and information on the world’s best spas. If you’re planning a spa vacation, this is the place to find top tips on the most relaxing locations to unwind, detox and recharge your batteries without having to break the bank in the process!

Excursions From Wayanad Is the Way

The natural beauty here is so rich that tourists from world over come to experience the enthralling moments. Certainly, its vast stretches enclose mist-capped mountains, exotic meadows, gushing water springs and fascinating magnificence.

With blue water lakes and exclusive beauty of the mountains, Wayanad is surely a place to explore the natural beauty at its best. Though, the wonderful town of Wayanad is full of majestic sightseeing options; still, the excursions from here lead to an equally authentic world of greenery all around. This quaint hill station is surely a way to deal with stress. The variety of excursions ensures a perfect vacation for the tourists.

  1. Eddakal Caves:

Positioned at a distance of only 10km from Wayanad, these caves are said to be the finest example of pre-historic human existence. The scintillating carvings of the caves happen to showcase the primitive lifestyle lived by humans of yester ages. Indeed, the caves are said to be formed from three big rocks, one resting on the other two developing a hollow space in between. Certainly, exploring these caves will bring the tourists close to the medieval times, which is quite fascinating.

  1. Chembra Peak:

Proudly located at a height of 2100 meter above the sea level, it offers plentiful of Western Ghats views. It is a real soothing effect to the eyes on seeing lush green mountains. This mesmerizing place is considered an ideal picnic spot that is quite breath-taking. Besides just picnic or a viewpoint, Chembra Peak is also well-known as an ideal destination for trekking and experiencing the stunning side of nature through the exclusive nature walk.

  1. Thirunelli Temple:

Located piously at a distance of 30km from the Wayanad, Thirunelli temple is present on the Brahmagiri Hills and considered to be the “Kashi of the Southern Region”. The Papansini River surrounding it adds to the natural beauty of the place as lush green meadows are spread to magnetize the viewers coming from all over the world. Indeed, this place can be accessed by private taxis as well as local transport buses. Definitely, one can feel in sync with the nature at Thirunelli temple and understand the customary practices conducted by the people.

  1. Banasura Sagar Dam:

Known to be the second largest dam in Asia, the Banasura Sagar Dam is considered to be the major tourist attraction around Wayanad. What attracts the tourist to this exotic looking place is the boating facility in the dam as well the trekking options for adventure enthusiasts. This allows them to come in close contact with the bewitching natural beauty sprinkled around. In fact, the sprawling sanctuary and the exotic park look splendidly beautiful.

  1. Meenmutti Waterfalls:

Said to be the largest and the most stunning waterfalls in Wayanad, it is said to be positioned on the Ooty main road. Undoubtedly, the tourists have to undertake a 2km of Jungle Trek to reach this picturesque waterfall that is breath-taking and have awe-inspiring views of nature surrounding it. Ideally, the water falls from a height of over 1000 feet in three stages giving a fabulous effect. After all, the gushing waterfalls ensure intense views of the straggling nature.

  1. Sentinel Rock Waterfalls:

Located at a distance of 22km from Kalpetta, these pictorial waterfalls have attracted the tourists for a wonderful surrounding. Indeed, the pool at the foot of waterfalls allows the tourists to take an overjoyed dip for getting refreshed. Certainly, it is the best way to experience the richness of nature and exclusive beauty of the falls.

  1. Sunrise Valley:

The added advantage of visiting the sunrise valley is that the views of sunset and sunrise are just beyond expression. They are stunning in an elusive manner and cannot be the same elsewhere. And the misty mountains with clouds covering them have managed to gain significance for being one of the most stunning points around Wayanad. It is because of the excellence of nature’s effect that the Kerala is known to be God’s Own Country.

Tourist Attractions Near Las Vegas You Should Not Miss

Las Vegas is known worldwide for its legalized gambling and never-ending partying. However, there is much more to discover about this city. Its natural side and surrounding areas are usually outweighed by the glimmering lights. It has beautiful greenery, ski slopes, unusual hiking grounds and lake activities. Moreover, this is where one of the world’s seven natural wonders can be reached from a mere half hour drive to five hours, depending on mode of transportation.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Nearly four hours northeast of the city is Bryce Canyon, where sightseeing is incomparable with its deep red, tan, golden and white tall rock spires, as well as arches giving a spectacular contrast to the clear blue skies and green forest. Absorb its bewitching rock towers and vistas or go hiking. Try and get a glimpse of a pronghorn antelope, mountain lion or other wildlife varieties. During winter, cross-country skiers also frequent the Bryce Canyon.

Zion National Park

Just a 2-1/2 hour drive from Vegas is one of the world’s most beautiful parks. Zion National Park is rich with remarkable hiking trails, cliffs that stand 3,000 feet tall and colorful sandstone. It boasts of beautiful carvings and the world’s largest sandstone walls.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is among the largest man-made lakes worldwide. You can reach it in less than an hour, as it is located southeast of the Strip. Enjoy fun activities like swimming, boating, water-skiing, fishing or kayaking in Lake Mead waters, or hike in the surrounding area. It has shaded picnic places, RV camping grounds, hookups and three marinas. Brunch, dinner and sightseeing cruises are for those who love a romantic getaway or partying.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley, which is only two hours away from Las Vegas, is comparable to a museum that speaks of geological history, Old West remnants, contemporary exhibits, as well as some plant life. On your way to Death Valley, you could stop at China Ranch, where a working family harvests dates. Another place to visit is the Spanish mission-styled Scotty’s Castle, known for its 1927 Welte theatre organ. The park has its headquarters in Furnace Creek that has a visitor’s center and lots of lodging for those who want to stay longer.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, which is also one of the world’s seven natural wonders, is only around four to five hours away by car from Las Vegas, though you can get there in less than an hour by helicopter or airplane. The most visited part of this place and also the widest, deepest and most accessible is the South rim. In addition to its scenic spots and historic man-made architecture, such as the El Tovar Hotel and Desert View Watchtower, this is where you will find the Visitor’s Center, restaurants, gift shop and lodging. A lot of visitors want to discover the Grand Canyon on their own, but there are many guided tours via airplane, helicopter, bus, jeep and other means of transportation.

Travel Insurance Destination Report

Eastern Europe is a great place to visit. Some good travel insurance tailored to meet your needs is all you really need for peace of mind. International travel insurance which covers all concerns and personal needs is strongly recommended. General note on health: Eastern Europe is a region for which travelers will require a comprehensive vaccination program. Travelers with existing medical conditions are advised to take appropriate precautions.

Turkey- Health and Safety

Turkey is an emerging tourist hot spot, with many modern and ancient attractions.


Urban areas: The Turkish cities are pretty reliable, particularly in the tourist zones. However, in some areas these conditions are patchy.

Rural areas: Remote areas are sometimes very basic in terms of health facilities, despite the Turkish government’s efforts, and it’s advisable to be realistic about health concerns.


Turkey doesn’t have a reputation for theft or targeting tourists. However, some areas of the country are subject to domestic policing and security issues including the Kurdish separatist movement. Get current information about any local issues when traveling.


It’s advisable to have an all round travel insurance policy as basic risk management.


Russia is one of the great travel adventures. However, there are some issues for travelers, and good travel insurance is a must.


Russia has its own local health issues, including some major communicable diseases. These vary between regions, and it’s a good idea to go for a comprehensive vaccination program.


Russia’s crime problems are well known, particularly in major cities. They shouldn’t be underestimated, either, when traveling. It’s advisable to be cautious and take sensible precautions.


Full coverage, with extras, is considered appropriate for Russian travel needs. Although Russian health care facilities are excellent, they’re also potentially expensive. It’s a good idea to go for full health coverage.


Hungary is a beautiful holiday destination. It’s a former Eastern bloc country, and like others has been recovering from relatively backward standards of living amenities.


Health services are adequate, but in some areas old sanitation and facilities are issues. In remote areas medical services may be a problem.


Although Hungary is one of the safer countries in Eastern Europe, tourist targeting and theft are known situations.

Insurance: Good basic cover, with selective extras, is the recommended approach.


Croatia has become a popular tourist destination since the civil war. Some areas are still showing signs of the conflict, and tourist facilities vary considerably.


Health services and amenities may vary regarding standards and availability in different regions.


Croatia is considered safe by Eastern European standards. However, there is a level of minor crime and there have been reports of tourists being targeted.


Full cover is considered the best option, with extras selected where appropriate.

Travel insurance tip: It’s well worth investigating online travel insurance. You can get excellent levels of coverage, at very good rates.