Excursions From Wayanad Is the Way

The natural beauty here is so rich that tourists from world over come to experience the enthralling moments. Certainly, its vast stretches enclose mist-capped mountains, exotic meadows, gushing water springs and fascinating magnificence.

With blue water lakes and exclusive beauty of the mountains, Wayanad is surely a place to explore the natural beauty at its best. Though, the wonderful town of Wayanad is full of majestic sightseeing options; still, the excursions from here lead to an equally authentic world of greenery all around. This quaint hill station is surely a way to deal with stress. The variety of excursions ensures a perfect vacation for the tourists.

  1. Eddakal Caves:

Positioned at a distance of only 10km from Wayanad, these caves are said to be the finest example of pre-historic human existence. The scintillating carvings of the caves happen to showcase the primitive lifestyle lived by humans of yester ages. Indeed, the caves are said to be formed from three big rocks, one resting on the other two developing a hollow space in between. Certainly, exploring these caves will bring the tourists close to the medieval times, which is quite fascinating.

  1. Chembra Peak:

Proudly located at a height of 2100 meter above the sea level, it offers plentiful of Western Ghats views. It is a real soothing effect to the eyes on seeing lush green mountains. This mesmerizing place is considered an ideal picnic spot that is quite breath-taking. Besides just picnic or a viewpoint, Chembra Peak is also well-known as an ideal destination for trekking and experiencing the stunning side of nature through the exclusive nature walk.

  1. Thirunelli Temple:

Located piously at a distance of 30km from the Wayanad, Thirunelli temple is present on the Brahmagiri Hills and considered to be the “Kashi of the Southern Region”. The Papansini River surrounding it adds to the natural beauty of the place as lush green meadows are spread to magnetize the viewers coming from all over the world. Indeed, this place can be accessed by private taxis as well as local transport buses. Definitely, one can feel in sync with the nature at Thirunelli temple and understand the customary practices conducted by the people.

  1. Banasura Sagar Dam:

Known to be the second largest dam in Asia, the Banasura Sagar Dam is considered to be the major tourist attraction around Wayanad. What attracts the tourist to this exotic looking place is the boating facility in the dam as well the trekking options for adventure enthusiasts. This allows them to come in close contact with the bewitching natural beauty sprinkled around. In fact, the sprawling sanctuary and the exotic park look splendidly beautiful.

  1. Meenmutti Waterfalls:

Said to be the largest and the most stunning waterfalls in Wayanad, it is said to be positioned on the Ooty main road. Undoubtedly, the tourists have to undertake a 2km of Jungle Trek to reach this picturesque waterfall that is breath-taking and have awe-inspiring views of nature surrounding it. Ideally, the water falls from a height of over 1000 feet in three stages giving a fabulous effect. After all, the gushing waterfalls ensure intense views of the straggling nature.

  1. Sentinel Rock Waterfalls:

Located at a distance of 22km from Kalpetta, these pictorial waterfalls have attracted the tourists for a wonderful surrounding. Indeed, the pool at the foot of waterfalls allows the tourists to take an overjoyed dip for getting refreshed. Certainly, it is the best way to experience the richness of nature and exclusive beauty of the falls.

  1. Sunrise Valley:

The added advantage of visiting the sunrise valley is that the views of sunset and sunrise are just beyond expression. They are stunning in an elusive manner and cannot be the same elsewhere. And the misty mountains with clouds covering them have managed to gain significance for being one of the most stunning points around Wayanad. It is because of the excellence of nature’s effect that the Kerala is known to be God’s Own Country.